16S 60A Smart BMS with Bluetooth APP (60V Li-ion Battery)


Brand NameDALY
Accessory TypeBattery Accessories
Model NumberDaly 16S BMS
Applications3.7V lithium battery rated
Battery series16S
Over charge protectionYes
Over discharge voltageYes
Short circuit protectionYes
Balance functionYes
Bluetooth functionYes
GPS functionExtra
RS485 functionYes
CAN communicationYes
AccessoryWire cable is free
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smart bms Daly board 3.7V 16S Li-ion  battery EV bms 60V 60A bms Li-ion Bluetooth UART RS485 CAN


Product Description

smart bms Daly board 3.7V 16S Li-ion  battery EV bms 60V 60A bms Li-ion Bluetooth UART RS485 CAN

◆ Currently, all Smart BMS is without the waterproof function.


◆ UART: It is Daly normal product. UART is Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter, It transforms the data to be transmitted between serial communication and parallel communication. As a chip to convert parallel input signals into serial output signals, UART is usually integrated into other communication interfaces.

◆ RS485: Please choose the model RS485 of Daly. RS-485 adopts balanced transmission and differential reception, so it has the ability to suppress common-mode interference.

◆ Bluetooth module: we will send a Bluetooth Module with BMS.

◆ Below accessory need you to buy separately.

1. USB to UART Cable 2. USB to RS485 Cable 3. Bluetooth module 4. Power display panel (key activation) 5. BMS touch control screen

1. DL16S 60V Smart BMS 60A bms can be used to 16S Li-ion or LiFePO4 or LTO battery pack. Customers can adjust the parameter of overcharge or over-discharge the parameter sitting & another parameter if the customer needs to use which type of battery for the same series battery.

Customers need to identify the battery’s series, then choose the same series BMS. Such as your battery is 16S, you must choose 16S BMS, can not choose 20 or another one. The number of series of BMS is fixed, not adjustable once the BMS is shipped out.

◆Control instructions: remote control device monitoring.
◆Vehicle icon: data transmission send command
◆Statistical report: Collect the data information, the customer can monitor the battery capacity & other alarm information.
◆Electronic fence: fence setting limit range.
◆Device information: device parameter information, etc.

The information on your battery can be checked on your host computer, then you can monitor your battery status anytime. Which is easily control your device. Smart BMS makes our life to become easy.

Six protection Function of BMS

01. Charging Protection
Seiko IC effectively controls MOS to prevent battery overcharge and battery explosion

02. Discharge Protection

Prevent battery power from dying and affect the life of lithium batteries.

03. Over Current Protection

Prevent the battery from being damaged by the excessive instantaneous current.

04. Short Circuit Protection

Automatic protection during abnormal short circuit to prevent battery.

05. Temperature Protection

The NTC temperature control probe is added to prevent the damage caused by the spontaneous combustion of the battery when the temperature is too high.

06. Drop Protection

When the cable is off, then the BMS has no output


Smart BMS

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