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Auto cut-off Voltage: 42V
Charge Current: 8A
Input Voltage: AC 230V
Battery Pack: Li-ion
High Quality Charger
Ebike, Electric cycle Battery Charging Purpose

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This Lithium-Ion Battery Charger (Auto cutoff) with indicator. This charger is suitable for 12v(3S) Lithium-Ion Battery . Special Cooling fan inbuilt to cool the inner circuit. Special Fuse protection is also there.

Charger Specification –

Charging Voltage – 42v

Charging Current – 8Amps

Special AutoCutoff Features with balance Charger will Cutoff charging when the battery is full charge. If you purchase Battery & charger from us then we provide compatible Charger male and female connectors for your Battery.

Package Include –

1 x 36v 8A charger

Weight1 kg
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