Daly 24s 72V 60A LFP BMS


  • Model NO.-Daly 24S BMS
  • Type-LFP
  • Voltage-76.8V
  • AMP-60A
  • Remarks-Daly Waterproof BMS
  • Balancing-Yes
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  1. The main functions are: overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, over current protection, short-circuit protection, temperature protection etc.
  2. Strong load ability, constant discharge current 25A/35A/45A/60A, use high voltage resistance, low inner resistance power Mosfet.
  3. The heat sink will greatly help to cool. IC itself has a power balancing function. The circuit is simple and reliable.
  4. Typical voltage detection for each cell. So each battery will be prevented over charged or over-discharged. Over current and short circuit protection function is very reliable.
  5. A long time short circuit of the load won’t affect the PCB and the battery. Temperature protection during charging and discharging.
  6. Extreme low power consumption. The consumption of the whole device is less than 50uA.
  7. PCB use high anti-corrosion, high water resistance, high impedance ESD conformal Coating.
Power balancingPower balancing2.65V
Balance release volt2.65V
Balance current40±5mA
Over-discharge protectionOver-discharge detect volt2.8±0.05V
Over-discharge detect delay0.5V
Over-discharge volt release3.0±0.05V
Over-current protectionOvercurrent detect volt150mV
Overcurrent detect delay9MS
Over-current protectionCan be customized
Overcurrent protect releaseDisconnect load
Short circuit protectionShort circuit protectionExternal load short circuit
Short circuit detect delay250uS
Short circuit detect the releaseDisconnect load
Temperature protectionCan be customized
ResistanceMain circuit resistor≤10mΩ
Self-consumptionWorking current≤100uA
Sleepy current
(when the battery is over-discharged )
Working tempTemp range-20/+80ºC
Weight0.2 kg
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